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 PIRACY Due to recent legal issues regarding pirated music Vesper Promotions Karaoke is “NO” longer using or will not permit the use of copied or home burned discs or USB external Drives from downloads at our karaoke shows. CD manufacturers have recently stepped up to protect their right to their copyrighted products and as a result Karaoke companies as well as clubs and venues are being found liable for substantial monetary damages directly connected to the play time of cds that are blatently copied or pirated. This policy covers all types of recorded music karaoke cd+g, MP3, USB as well as regular audio. ALL copyrighted music must be original company manufactured cds or we will not play them. The most recent that we are aware of was brought on by a BMI sting  in Tucson in mid December of 2009 where the venue was hit with a $3,000 per song fine totaling approximately $49,000 including legal fees. That is not a good day of buisness and we do not want to be hit with that same fate. On May 9, 2011 another case was filed in the State of Arizona regarding Anti-Piracy among Karaoke businesses in the State of Arizona.  Vesper Promotions has always and will continue, to make substantial efforts to maintain the songs that you want to sing in all of our libraries. We appreciate your patronage and will continue to do our best to provide you with the best quality karaoke selections that we can legally obtain. We regret the inconvenience this may cause any of our customers but we must protect our business and the establishments in which we provide our services.
No Repeats of Songs:

It is our policy that once a song has been sung it is retired for the night.  This is done in the interest of good sportsmanship and to create and maintain a fun ad non-competetive singing and partying environment.Thank you for your cooperation! 





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