Let me give you a little info about us. Let’s start with the word “Vesper” by definition: Evening Star and/or a Vesper Bell a service of evening worship.

Today Vesper Promotions Inc. takes on a new roll providing Marketing, Advertising and Consulting we also offer full-service Event Planning, Booking and Promotion for Artists and Performers. We now offer you Karaoke & DJ services as well for Night Clubs & Bars.

Shelly & Eric have over 30 years in the Promotional part of the Entertainment Industry. They met while Shelly was the General Manager for KBSZ Radio in Wickenburg, AZ. Later Shelly took over KIKO Radio in Globe, AZ as General Manager. Shelly then brought in Eric as Promotions Manager for both Stations. Shelly started out in Radio where she was in sales, and an On Air Personality. Shelly quickly moved up the ranks in the industry and landed her first General Management position.Shelly has also competed in several Karaoke Contests over the years and has been featured on many Albums singing backup vocals. Eric started out in Car & Truck shows as a advertiser and worked his way up to a Promoter. Eric also has an extensive background as a Bouncer/Security for Night Clubs, Bars, Private Parties, Spring Break, Race tracks and Concert Venues. Eric also served in the USAR for 16 years. Together they’ve done everything from Radio & Television to Professional Sports & Private Parties. 

With their combined experience and knowledge they are here to make your next event successful and too maximize your advertising dollar.  All you need to do is just sit back and enjoy the party.

Vesper Promotions Inc.  ACC # 2008219-8

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